The New Integration: Microsoft Teams & Moments365

We’re really excited to announce our new integration with Microsoft teams.

Moments365 is the essential tool that boosts parent-teacher communication for better engagement.

It provides a real-time communication channel between educators and parents of many K12 international schools since its first launch.

Moments365 team has designed multiple interactive and practical functions to establish education management and parent-school communication.

They help parents and schools communicate directly and provide a better way for teachers to manage teaching and daily work.

Based on the evolution of features and technical requirements, Moments365 has achieved a breakthrough upgrade: Integration with Microsoft Teams.

Moments365 has entered the Teams App platform. As we know, apps that can be used in teams must be tested by Microsoft technical team, and this is quite a speak for Moments365 positioning.

Teachers won’t bother changing devices or platforms instead of using Moments365 in teams to solve all problems. Such as sending messages or announcements from Teams and parents will receive them on WeChat.

Moments365 team will exploit more interactive features and deeper integration with Microsoft teams.

More developments are coming. Please stay tuned.