Admissions365 streamlines school enrollment with paperless processes and automated data management, empowering admissions officers by saving time and enabling a focus on strategic initiatives. Seamlessly integrated with WeChat, it provides parents a convenient, end-to-end online application experience, enhancing overall user satisfaction.



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Streamlined SIS Integration:

Enhances data sharing, simplifies input, and boosts accuracy.

Paperless, User-Friendly Enrollment:

Saves resources, enhances security, and offers an improved user experience.

WeChat Integration:

Enables full online enrollment via the school's official WeChat, enhancing accessibility for parents.

Flexible Process and Customization:

Adapts to school needs, improving efficiency, transparency, and meeting specific data collection requirements.

Accurate Source Tracking:

Identifies student sources, optimizing resource allocation and improving enrollment efficiency.

Customizable Forms:

Enhances accuracy in data collection, ensuring improved data quality.

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