School365 IoT-driven solution designed for K12 International Schools to build intelligent and connected campuses.Through seamless software integration, IoT Smart Campus, and Parent-School communication, we deliver a holistic suite of services that work together, not pieces together. Smart Campus Solution for K12 International Schools








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What We Do


Provides a multi-scenario educational interaction hub for domestic K12 international schools and parents. Facilitating accurate information exchange enables real-time sharing of students' growth records, offering insights into their academic and personal progress


Admissions365 streamlines school enrollment with paperless processes and automated data management, empowering admissions officers by saving time and enabling a focus on strategic initiatives. Seamlessly integrated with WeChat, it provides parents a convenient, end-to-end online application experience, enhancing overall user satisfaction.


Livestream365 is an engaging platform for students to show their artwork and teachers to share school events via images and live videos. It keeps families involved in their children’s activities in real time remotely from any device.

Software Integration Services

Focuses on seamlessly integrating data and processes, catering to diverse school systems and facilitating comprehensive report generation. This equips administrators with powerful data insights, greatly enhancing management efficiency. Furthermore, our customized development strategy guarantees the system's adaptability and scalability, meeting the distinct needs and growth requirements of schools.

IoT Smart Campus

School365 Smart Campus Hardware Integration leverages IoT technology to systematically connect various devices across school premises.This centralized platform streamlines access, simplifies authorization, enables remote management, and facilitates organized data collection for comprehensive reporting.

Custom Development Services

School365 aims to provide a complete customized development solution that is most suitable for K12 schools. With the accumulation of technical expertise and knowledge in the international education framework, we offer an integrated platform that connects all your systems, data and people to achieve new levels of efficiency.

Key Benefts

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Unified identity login across different systems on both mobiles an d PCs.

Smooth Access

Deployed in Alibaba Cloud (China Mainland), fast and reliable access

Tailored Features

System can be tailored to bring out the best in your school

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Provide you with the most efficient and professional technical support