Provides a multi-scenario educational interaction hub for domestic K12 international schools and parents. Facilitating accurate information exchange enables real-time sharing of students' growth records, offering insights into their academic and personal progress.

Build Stronger Connections with Parents

All-in-One Communication-based Platform

Work together, not pieces together

Deep integration with WeChat and Teams

Teachers can utilize the Moments app within Teams.
Parents receive learning updates from Teams directly on WeChat.

Diversify the interaction between parents and teachers

Journal sharing facilitates recording students' daily school experiences and growth moments

Chat features include private and group messaging, ensuring teacher privacy, real-time message notifications, and a built-in translation tool for barrier-free bilingual communication.

Parents receive real-time notifications along with various documents from school

Daily performance

School/Class announcement

School calendar

Report card& Grade book


Parents can interact with teachers through user-friendly features


Leave request

Information collection

Modular Custom Development

Tailoring and developing features to meet the specific needs of schools.

This approach involves creating custom solutions that can be easily integrated into existing

systems or used as standalone modules.

Parents can easily access the classl schedule through WeChat mini-program

No more additional logins

Integrate with currently using SIS/LMS

Every school needs an EMS

 (Extracurricular Management System)

  • Two-way Integration with SIS and LMS (with open API)
  • Various Booking Modes
  • Activity Selection and Payments via WeChat mini-program
  • Scheduling and Attendance
  • Groups and Communication Channel
  • External Teachers and Students Management
  • Comprehensive Reports (Students outcomes, activity budget and expense, etc.)

Your Safe Passage Home

For parents:

  • WeChat Mini-Program
  • Real-time Boarding Updates
  • Real-time Route Map
  • Absence Reminder
  • Online Payment

For Schools:

  • SIS Integration
  • Multiple Passenger ID
  • Association with ECAs and Leave Request
  • Easy to Use
  • Equipment Cost-saving
  • Comprehensive Reports

Effortlessly Pay School Fees via WeChat

  • No need for offline transfers
  • One-click payment
  • Savetime and effort


Deep Integration with WeChat and Teams

Teachers can access Moments365 in Teams, while parents receive progress updates on WeChat from Teams

Instant Notifications

WeChat Mini Program integration keeps parents constantly updated on their children's progress

Built-in Chat Tool

Seamless private and group chats, prioritizing teacher privacy, real-time messaging, and built-in translation for smooth bilingual communication

User-Friendly Interface, Easy to Use

Simplified design and practical functions significantly improve efficiency in parent-teacher communication

Diverse Communication Scenarios

Empowering parents with a comprehensive view of their child's learning journey and school life, fostering increased parental involvement

Data Compilation for Reports

Aggregates and analyzes data from a managerial perspective, providing robust data support for informed decision-making

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